Grace O'Malley (white_lies) wrote in hip_domestics,

weddings: a no-invitation-invitation

I got spur-of-the-moment invite to a school acquaintence's wedding last week. The outdoor ceremony is in late August, but I wasn't given an invitation or announcement, just an "oh! you should come!" and now I really do want to. She told me all about it, and it sounds lovely.
now I have a few questions...
Should I just go to the cermony?
Do you think I'm expected to attend the reception or is that just for those who got a formal invitation(I'd kind of like to stay for at least a little while)?
And since I don't know the girl very well, do you think a decent bottle of champagne would suffice as an "I wish you luck!" gift? I can't really afford much else, and my co-workers and I think that's a nice gesture.

thanks so much
Tags: etiquette/manners, weddings
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