pinkcdcase (pinkcdcase) wrote in hip_domestics,

nitrate/nitrite - free deli turkey?

My parents scared me with a whole 'stay away from nitrates/nitrites' conversation which apparently is found in the deli turkey I typically buy for lunches. I checked the Hormel 100% natural turkey and it says 'no nitrates/nitrites added - but can be found naturally occurring in the flavorings we use.'  Not sure what's up with that but does anyone know of any easy-to-find brands that I can look for in the store? Would organic turkey = safe?

 I'm in upstate NY so I am near Wegmans, Tops, a few organic stores but no Whole Foods or Trader Joes :(  Also.. I know that other cold cuts like roast beef are supposed to have less nitrates but I really only eat turkey, maybe some chicken.
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