Wednesday Addams in Grad School (littlewings04) wrote in hip_domestics,
  • Mood: cold
  • Music: Iron & Wine: Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Cleaning cigarette smoke off of windows

I don't smoke, but my boss who I used to ferry around for my job smoked like a chimney, and usually in my car. Unfortunately, it's left a weird, smeary residue on my windshield that is only getting worse with the windows fogging up with the cold. I've tried Windex, and I've tried vinegar, but I've just succeeded in smearing it around worse, and it's making driving at night difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting this cigarette residue off my windows before I schlep home on Wednesday night for the holiday? I'm getting fantastically desperate. Help me, hip_domestics, you're my only hope!
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