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28 November 2008 @ 02:23 am
donating to charity in lieu of gifts--nifty resource  
I see a lot of comments this time of year from people interested in receiving or giving donations to charities in lieu of Christmas gifts. I'm on the ACORN Canada mailing list and I just got an email from them with this website linked in it and it has the coolest features for people wanting to set something like this up for themselves or wanting to give a donation to someone.
(This is Canada specific I'm afraid.)


You can set up your own "giving page" where you can list the charities that you prefer people donate to, with links all set up for the donator. Here's a good example of one of these pages.

(People can also set up these pages for weddings, a new baby, a graduation and a few other events.)

You can purchase charity gift cards to give to someone who can then use them to donate to any Canadian charity of their choice through the website!

You are also able to give a gift of securities donations through this website which is explained on their site.

Very cool.
Hope that helps someone this holiday season :)

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