snowmentality (snowmentality) wrote in hip_domestics,

Bone china vs. porcelain

What is the functional difference, if any, between bone china and porcelain?

I'm deciding between two sets of dishes that are identical in design. One is bone china (link to it here) and one is porcelain (link to it here).

Google gives me conflicting reports that bone china is harder and more durable -- or that the only difference between the two is that bone china is slightly whiter. The bone china is more expensive ($12.99 for a dinner plate, vs. $5.99 for a porcelain dinner plate).

Both sets are dishwasher and microwave safe, and oven-safe for reheating.

So I ask: is there a functional difference between the two materials? Is bone china less likely to chip or get scratched in use? Will it last longer? Is it worth the difference in price? Or should I go for the porcelain because it's pretty much the same and cheaper?
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