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Piercings and professionalism

Dear Hipsters!

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but since all you lovelies seem versed on etiquette I figured it'd be the right place to ask.

My local piercing/tattoo parlor gives free piercings on your birthday, so I was thinking about getting a monroe/madonna/whatever you call it. I'll post a picture for reference.

I'm turning 23 and graduating college in May. I have a vertical labret that I was planning on taking out once I graduated, I have a couple options for jobs lined up that seem pretty promising.

It seems to me though, that monroes and nose piercings seem more acceptable in professional environments, however, I'm not sure if that's completely true since.. you know.. I'm not really a professional yet. Lol.

My question is: if I got a monroe piercing and put really small jewelry in it, do you think that it would be acceptable in a professional working environment, the way nose piercings seem to be? Or is it just completely out of the question? When I've interviewed for jobs I've taken out the vertical labret and just put it back in later. I could do this for other job interviews with the monroe, but keep it in once I get the job.. after all, it is easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.. and it seems like I could get away with it if the piercing was extremely small and subtle, and I had no other facial piercings.

I'm not really sure. For context, I'm a journalism major and the two different jobs I might get are one as a campus community organizer/lead canvasser for USPIRG, and the other is an internship with the Public Affairs Office of the Army, so it's Federal, which I'm guessing has stricter dress code rules.. but considering I'd be a civilian, I wonder how strict.

The other side is, I'm not opposed to just getting the monroe and taking it out when either place hires me, either. I had a philtrum piercing for only a couple of months before taking it out, and have had my nose pierced like 4-5 times on both sides (which closed up due to horrible accidents like getting ripped out and blah) and since this piercing is free it's not a big deal.. BUT.. as far as keeping it, what do you think? What's been your experience?

Here is what a

This one is pretty subtle and small, too. Pic is not me. Lol.

Thank you!
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