Mallory (spottedzebra) wrote in hip_domestics,
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Washing an old Teddy Bear

 Hey everyone, I've been watching for a while and finally have an issue I could use some advice about!

I have a Teddy Bear that is as old as me (25 years), my Mom got it for Christmas just before I was born. 
He used to be white, but has been well loved and is definitely showing it! He's sort of a greyish color now, and I never really thought about it, but my boyfriend thought it was quite gross. Washing him would probably be a good idea, but I'm nervous to because parts of him are wearing out ('fur' wearing off, etc) and I don't want him to come apart in the wash. I only have access to an older washing machine with an agitator. I don't think putting him in a pillow case would be safe enough either.

Would I be able to hand wash him? I've heard it's not good to submerge plush, but I think he is a little beyond spot cleaning by now. 

After my boyfriend had mentioned this, I thought about how I probably wouldn't touch other people's gross old teddies, but for me I don't think about it at all!
Tags: cleaning, laundry/fabric care/clothing questions, odds and ends/other
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