HEFNERSBUNNY is now (totheleft) wrote in hip_domestics,

Food for adults-only pool party?

I'm in charge of planning our neighborhood's adults-only pool party, which will be this Saturday from 8-11 p.m.

I have a few hundred bucks for food purchases.

What would you buy? Keeping in mind the following:
-I don't want to cook anything. Last year I did taquitos and they were a pain in the ass to bake and transport.
-I will be going to Costco but if I have to go elsewhere, I could.
-I will be buying most everything on Saturday due to lack of fridge space.
-I would rather not haul out too many of my own personal containers, etc.
-There are probably 75 people there, who will be drinking beer and sangria. There's also a DJ, pool volleyball, etc.
-People will have eaten dinner.

I'm thinking maybe things like cookies or mini cupcakes, a bowl of candy, chips and salsa, veggie tray, hummus/pita.. but would love some ideas in case I'm missing something huge.

Thanks :)
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