Pudgy Bunny (lindsalicious) wrote in hip_domestics,

Refinancing Question

I am considering attempting to refinance my condo. I have excellent credit and I'm working with a bank that I've got an extensive (positive) history with. Based on my profile, my mortgage consultant says the only thing potentially standing in my way is the state of my building's homeowner's association. I assume when the bank is doing their due diligence they'll look at the state of our reserves, the ratio of owner-occupied to rental units, etc. I'm on our board and I know none of our numbers are going to be particularly attractive, but how bad do things have to be to provide grounds for disqualification? Does anyone have experience with this? Basically, I'm trying to decide if it's worth paying $400 for an appraisal in order to get my paperwork submitted knowing there's a chance the bank would decline the deal. What would YOU do, hip domestics?
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