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What's a good US-made gardening spade? I've got a Home Depot and one other small hardware store to look in in my area.

I guess I mean one that I'm going to be able to find in the average hardware store, rather than anything super rare. I guess I'd spend up to 50 bucks.

Thanks in advance if anyone is around anymore.
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A Non-traditional Door

My husband recently built a bathroom and a fourth bedroom in our basement. The way the plumbing was set up made the room a bit wonky and we really needed the extra storage space. So he built a hole in the wall but because the stairs upstairs hang low, it's not a normal sized door.

Anyway, our options for a door are tricky. I'm ready to give up! Any suggestions? The picture is under the cut below. I'm thinking for now just putting a heavy curtain over it. It's got a frame around it currently. He got a bifold door like this: http://www.amazon.com/Bi-fold-Louver-Plantation-1x24x80-White/dp/B00AQ0JCT4/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1435595194&sr=8-5&keywords=bi-fold+door

But a solid panel, not with the individual wooden pieces...so that he could cut the top off. It fits...but I don't like it because when you open it that takes up a huge amount of space and it's already a tight fit getting stuff in there. SO any options? Basically it has to be able to cut it shorter and it can't have panels and individual wood pieces like the one in the picture because of that. And the only one we found was solid but each piece of wood was about 2 inches thick.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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cell phone assistance

I apologize if this is a stupid question and should not be posted here. Mods, feel free to delete.

For my new job I need to have a cell phone so the animal facility can contact me every time a mouse pukes. (Well, any time there is an animal issue. 24 hours a day. Like if a pipe bursts and the animal facility floods. If it floods due to global climate change I'll have bigger things to worry about than mice. Like building an ark out of yarn and Mod Podge).

So, cell phones. I have only had one emergency only prepaid phone and I've never needed to use it and never managed to make a call on it ever. (I did use the voicemail, but there was literally never an emergency). It was a gift more than 6 years ago, so I should probably buy another.

I'll let you guess exactly how much I want a cell phone. Unfortunately I have zero experience in buying them and choosing plans.

I have no kids, I have no parents, and I have only been in 2 situations in the past um, ten years? when a cell phone would have been convenient and moderately helpful. I am not a cell phone user by nature.

But someone needs to hear about the puking mice and that someone is me.

I need a phone that is a) not heavy to carry, b) can take a lousy picture unless I get a cheap camera instead, c) can be reasonably cleaned when it starts to smell like mouse poo and d) has a CHEAP phone plan because I already have phone/internet/tv at home and internet at work so I really don't need to be paying top dollar to be woken up at 2 am because a mouse puked.

Suggestions? I literally have no idea how to go about purchasing a phone beyond 'go online and get overwhelmed immediately and cry.' So advice would definitely be welcome. Thank you in advance.

toaster recommendations

My toaster sucks...it only toasts one side of the bread and I have to take the toast out, flip it around and toast again if I want both sides done. And no, it is not a cool antique, I've only had it about five years.

I need a two-slice toaster, preferably with a small footprint, that makes nice crunchy toast. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks!
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Cleaning Mold

Hello there! I'm really hoping this is in the right spot/tagged correctly...

Anyhow, I suppose I should've asked about this sooner since mold isn't the best thing to have in your walls. A little background-- Apparently there was some sort of clog in the pipes between my apartment and/or the apartment upstairs. We noticed and reported it Sunday, April 19th. Maintenance came by on Friday, April 24th and fixed the pipe. Fixing it included cutting a hole in the wall which they covered with some plastic and tape. Because the wall is moist, my roommate and I have had to re-tape it a few times. Of course, the moisture in the wall has caused mold to accumulate. I managed to clean some of it off the surface of the wall underneath the hole. I'm pretty sure that's not enough though. I called and left a message asking if/when they're going to fix the hole/clean the mold. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Should I clean the rest of the surface mold (that I can reach)? Any specific tips on what products to use?

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On the upside-- my roommate and her cats are back at her parents' house for the week and if necessary I can go home to my parents' house until the issue is fixed.

To wash, or not to wash...

I have a teddy bear that is a little over 40 years old.  He was given to my mom by her beau when she was 16, and when I was a baby, I claimed him for my own.  I don't think he's ever been washed, and years of constant moving, travel, sleeping, hospital stays, illnesses, etc., and he's looking pretty gross.  Is it safe to throw him the washer?  His tags are long faded.  He still has his glass eyes, but his nose is long gone and he has a "new" mouth and nose sewn on by a babysitter I had.  I try to febreeze him and set him out in the sun with my other stuffed animals that sit on the shelf, but I noticed tonight how truly dirty the poor bear is.  I worry about his stuffing and his limbs getting ruined.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.