March 8th, 2015


To wash, or not to wash...

I have a teddy bear that is a little over 40 years old.  He was given to my mom by her beau when she was 16, and when I was a baby, I claimed him for my own.  I don't think he's ever been washed, and years of constant moving, travel, sleeping, hospital stays, illnesses, etc., and he's looking pretty gross.  Is it safe to throw him the washer?  His tags are long faded.  He still has his glass eyes, but his nose is long gone and he has a "new" mouth and nose sewn on by a babysitter I had.  I try to febreeze him and set him out in the sun with my other stuffed animals that sit on the shelf, but I noticed tonight how truly dirty the poor bear is.  I worry about his stuffing and his limbs getting ruined.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.