Andrea (first_lobster) wrote in hip_domestics,

Home Alone Party Ideas

This weekend, my roommates and I are throwing a "Home Alone" themed Christmas party. We have a "Home Alone" drinking game (ex. "Take a drink every time Catherine O'Hara makes it seem like it's someone elses problem that she left her kid at home alone." or "Take a drink every time Ol' Man Marley is creepin'." etc.) and are making little gift bags with army men, tic tacs, toothbrushes and Micro Machines (if I can find these in a large pack somewhere cheap.) And obvs, Pepsi products as mixers for drinks.

For food, we'll be serving plain cheese pizza (easy) and we were thinking a couple different kinds of mac and cheese. Does anyone have a favorite mac and cheese recipie? Or ideas for different mix ins?

Also, anyone have any ideas for different food in general? So far, since we're trying to stick to the theme and foods that Kevin eats in the movie, everything is very... cheesy. Easy is always better, since one of the reasons we're doing this theme (aside from pure love of the movie) is that it would be pretty simple food-wise.

Also, any other "Home Alone" theme suggestions would be great!

edit We are also doing make your own sundae (I thought I included that in the post, but I think I accidently deleted it.)
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