Kathleen (or Kathy) (shownemotion) wrote in hip_domestics,
Kathleen (or Kathy)

Cleaning Mold

Hello there! I'm really hoping this is in the right spot/tagged correctly...

Anyhow, I suppose I should've asked about this sooner since mold isn't the best thing to have in your walls. A little background-- Apparently there was some sort of clog in the pipes between my apartment and/or the apartment upstairs. We noticed and reported it Sunday, April 19th. Maintenance came by on Friday, April 24th and fixed the pipe. Fixing it included cutting a hole in the wall which they covered with some plastic and tape. Because the wall is moist, my roommate and I have had to re-tape it a few times. Of course, the moisture in the wall has caused mold to accumulate. I managed to clean some of it off the surface of the wall underneath the hole. I'm pretty sure that's not enough though. I called and left a message asking if/when they're going to fix the hole/clean the mold. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Should I clean the rest of the surface mold (that I can reach)? Any specific tips on what products to use?

On the upside-- my roommate and her cats are back at her parents' house for the week and if necessary I can go home to my parents' house until the issue is fixed.
Tags: cleaning, renter's rights

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