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Family Photobook

I'm planning to make/publish a family photobook and give them to my siblings for Christmas. Lots of choices out there and I thought I'd ask for some advice.
What did you wish you'd done, not done when making a photobook.
What cover options are good? Should I go for hard-cover?
What size works best?
Landscape or Portrait?

Blocking / covering sounds of snoring

You guys are my last hope.

I am a very light sleeper and *very* sensitive to the sound of snoring and have been for as long as I can remember. Like, to the point of sleeping in closets and bathtubs while on family vacations because my dad snored soooo loud. Of course, just about the time he finally got diagnosed with sleep apnea and got it under control... I got moved out and married a snorer.

I need help figuring out the best way to actually be able to sleep in the same room as my husband. Mostly I wind up sleeping in another room. But even then I use the pink foam earplugs and a fan to block other sounds (neighbor dogs, traffic, etc). The real pain is vacations. In hotel rooms or whatever there is just no escaping the snoring. I've tried earplugs with headphones over them and my mp3 player on repeat and it helps some...but not enough.

I was thinking maybe some sort of noise cancelling headphones possibly combined with white noise and earplugs if necessary. But I was hoping someone else had suffered through this and found the magic combination that leads to a good nights sleep. Money is definitely an object, but I am willing to consider anything at this point if it comes highly enough recommended or I can try it out.

Thank you so much in advance for any suggestions.

eta: He has a checkup scheduled and I'm going to have him talk to the Dr about it. Just in case it's not just me being over sensitive to the sound. I mostly need suggestions for me... brands/types of headphones, earplugs, white noise machines, other things I haven't thought of, etc and combinations of the above to try.
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Pay for paint help

My sister and I have worked out an agreement that she will paint rooms in my house for money. The problem is that I don't know how to work out payment.

What would you do in this situation? Pay by the room (2 large rooms, 2 small rooms, 2 bathrooms) or by the paint can? Either way, what would be an appropriate amount?

ETA: All paint/supplies (as well as food and the use of my washer/dryer lol) are provided by me.

Cloth Diapering: Show Me The Anecdata!

We are expecting our first child in mid-September, and like a lot of people we're weighing the pros and cons of cloth diapers. I know from random comments here and there that there are a lot of cloth diaperers in the community, so I'd love to get some opinions. I'd love to hear from anyone who has used cloth diapers, whether you stuck with it, or gave up for some reason.

A few specific questions:

1. What brands did/do you use? Pros and cons?
2. What do you regard as the single biggest inconvenience of cloth diapering?
3. What's the biggest benefit?
4. If you stopped using them, what made you stop?
5. How do your cloth diapers handle overnights?
6. What do you do when you're traveling?
7. Do you use cloth wipes? What do you wet them with?

Any other wisdom you have to add is of course, welcome.

Bonus question: What was something you bought/made/received for your baby that turned out to be unexpectedly useful? What one thing did you think was an ABSOLUTE MUST that ended up gathering dust on a shelf?

Bad weather tips for kids & pets

Okay, we have had some CRAZY bad weather today and tonight in the western Georgia region near Alabama, as I'm sure others have as well. I'd like to share some information I've learned about bad weather and pets/children.

Cats: If your cat runs wild when it is thundering, its pretty likely that the static in the air is making him or her uncomfortable. Rub the cat with a dryer sheet, and see if this helps your kitty calm down and be less jumpy.

Dogs: If there is a chance of a tornado in your area, either go ahead and pull your dog's crate into the basement, or if it is already there, go ahead and crate your dog with food & water, so that if you have to run for the basement, you aren't wasting your time trying to find Fido. The same kinda applies for cats as well-Go ahead and put your kitty in the kennel if there's a good chance you may have to quickly get to the basement-Frightened animals sometimes hide and owners find themselves having to leave their animals on the upper levels of their house during a tornado because they can't stay to look for Fluffy & Fido :(

Children: This is a tip passed on to me by my friend Leah on facebook today-If you are under a tornado watch/warning, have your children put on their bicycle helmets. They may complain, but it'll keep their heads safe should the worst happen!
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Casserole/Lasagna Recipe Needed

Hello, all.

My boyfriend's grandmother just passed away early this morning and he and I live very close to his parents and aunt and uncle. I thought it would be a nice gesture for me to take his parents a casserole (or other dish) and the same thing over to his aunt and uncle, since they are busy making all the arrangements and probably won't feel like cooking for themselves right now anyhow.

What I'm looking for is something simple enough to make (since I'll be making at least 2, maybe a third to keep at home) that won't take more than a couple hours from start to finish so I can have everything to them by dinnertime tonight - but that ALSO freezes easily in case they're food needs are already taken care of today or if they just don't feel like eating yet.

Thanks so much in advance.

And as an aside, should I put a sympathy card in with those? I'll be delivering them personally and will of course be spending plenty of time with them all over the next few days, so of course they know I'm terribly sorry for their loss and am grieving right along with them. But maybe Miss Manners would say to buy cards as well?

Gross lunch boxes - need alternatives/suggestions.

I love my husband, I really do. Every morning, I pack him a lunch. He gets leftovers, a couple of sandwiches, some cottage cheese, a couple of cookies, a granola bar, and a piece of fruit. I pack all of this into his large soft-sided Thermos lunch box, which can't be put through the dishwasher or the washing machine but is nicely insulated and keeps things cold or hot, whatever I need. I would link to it, but apparently Thermos doesn't make that style anymore (it's the type that looks like the old-fashioned metal lunch boxes, with the curved lid for a carafe of coffee or tea to go in), and I don't want to subject you to the disgusting-ness that is the one we own.

This morning, I had to use a paper bag to pack his lunch (it just barely fit and I didn't put a fruit in or it wouldn't have) because his lunch box is so disgusting. It's all wet inside because the man is apparently incapable of remembering to take the plastic cutlery out of his leftovers container before putting it all back inside. He puts the lid back on top, but that doesn't help keep things from leaking because the spoons and forks all stick out of the container - meaning that the lid doesn't actually go on all the way.

I have asked him to please put the lids on tightly, but it doesn't happen. And now I have a gross lunch box to clean out today.

Does anybody know of any insulated lunch bags or boxes that can be put through the dishwasher or in the laundry? I think I want to get a second one and switch them out when they get messy like this, but it would be easier if I had one that could be tossed in the wash while he uses the one that can't for a day or two.

Please help! Or am I destined to forever be washing out gross lunch boxes by hand?
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How big are little people's feet?

My friend had a baby last October and I love to knit. So I have asked her what she would like for a birthday present (giving myself plenty of time to make it!!!) She asked for a hat that ties on and that is fine as the pattern comes in inches and I'm just waiting on a head measurement. I thought it would be cute to make some shoes to go with it... and so I cast on and made the smallest "toddler size" It looks too big to me, the sole is about 12cm long... but I don't have any handy babies nearby to measure against, my friend lives about 4 hours away and I've never mnot met the little treasure yet. So having no child rearing experience of my own I turn to you Oh Hippest of Domestics.

How big is a 1 year old foot?

I know sizes may vary, but a rough idea would do. I'm half tempted to send them even if they are too big, as she will surely grow into them. What do you think? I don't really want to ask her as it will ruin the surprise. But I could always make an extra pair that is smaller for now and leave these to grow into? There is plenty of yarn!