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Okay friends....

A neighbor moved out a year or so ago and gave us this juicer (CusineArt JE-4). After watching the movie "Food Matters" I've been inspired to use it for the first time and make my family some yummy veggie juices but......

I can't seem to make this damn thing work right!! I also can't find a manual for it online.

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WHAT AM  I DOING WRONG PEOPLE?!? I am thirsty now and want some juice!!
Also, for those of you who are as lost as I am on this, but know about good juicing combinations, please share your recipes with me here too. Thanks!
EDIT: Okay... I took out the rubber ring and it seems to work just fine now, although it is frighteningly fast. Weird. 
oh shit zombies


Hey, I'm new.

Do you ladies or gents have any hip or fancy drink recipes, as in... adult beverages? Especially for the summer, and entertaining guests?
Bonus if they're on the healthier/lower calorie side. I don't use most store-bought mixers since they usually have HFCS. I guess alcohol is unhealthy enough (beyond that one drink a day;)

Here's my favorites:
The Basil Smash
Even if you don't end up making it, the video is pretty entertaining. He doesn't really give any measurements, but you can go pretty heavy on the gin without really tasting it. It was a big hit at a veggie barbecue I had--even people that had some unfortunate previous gin experiences liked it.
Simple recipe for the necessary sugar syrup

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Oh and Absolute Peppar Vodka + Stirrings Bloody Mary Mix and Rimmer is wonderful. Best Bloody Mary ever. Maybe even too good.

The perfect Hot Toddy

I am having a holiday get together and I would love to serve Hot Toddies. I had the perfect recipe but I can't find it anywhere. I found it in Bust (or Venus) magazine a few years ago..All the ones I have found online use tea and some sort of liquor like tequila or vodka. The recipe I loved used 1 cup of cider to 1 shot of rum and shimmered with spices like whole cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and something else (that something else is why I am posting) It made the house smell wonderful and it was delicious and all you really taste is warm spicy goodness. Does anyone have a recipe similar to this or know of this recipe?

does anyone have any punch recipes...

...that are *not* red or pink! I am in charge of coming up with a punch for my sister's June bridal shower. It's at a venue that won't allow any pink or red liquids because there are antiques and that sort of thing there. Does anyone have any refreshing and yummy punch recipes with this limitation in mind? We really don't want to do the sherbet/sprite combo because we want to do something different.
Thank you so much!!!

Spearmint Water

I hate drinking water, but I like drinking Metromint's Spearmint Water. It's about $1.75 a bottle (too expensive for someone who continually drinks throughout the day like I do), so I am wondering if there's a way to make this stuff myself so I can cut down on my tea drinking. The ingredients listed are purified water and mint, so I'm thinking the trick is in the preparation. Metromint's About Page goes on about double-distillation on the mint and reverse-osmosis on the water, but all I want is spearmint-flavored water. I have a Brita filter, which I think is sufficient for leaving "a blank canvas, so that we can showcase the taste of mint".

Does anyone know how one might do this at home?

ETA: Thanks, everybody. I feel a little silly since everyone makes it out to be easy as pie, but you know how it is. Science words are intimidating.

Hot chocolate recipe

I'm trying to recreate my Mom's hot chocolate recipe. I know she used Hershey's unsweetened cocoa, sugar, and salt. I'm pretty sure there was some vanilla involved in there as well. I lost my Mom to breast cancer in the beginning of December. We were incredibly close and I've been a bit obsessed with trying to recreate her recipes. She never really wrote anything down and now I'm terrified that I'm going to forget.

Does anyone have a basic cocoa recipe that has all of those ingredients? I've never seen a recipe with salt in it, but she always said the salt was important.

ETA: Found it!
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Making Naked Juice at home (while clothed)!

So I've become a huge fan of Naked Juice, and managed to lose 15 lbs since the end of August just by altering my diet to include a bottle of it for breakfast. However, my wallet is feeling the pinch and I'm looking for a way to make a home-brew version.

The back of the bottle has vague quantities for how much juice is in each bottle, and I've done some estimates, but here's my actual question: how much juice is in an apple?

I know I could just spend an evening in my kitchen with a blender with tasty trial attempts, but if any of you could help me out with my faux-Naked juice quest, that would be fab!
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Because a good punch is hip and domestic...

My nearly world-famous Fall Harvest Punch recipe has been published at Associated Content!

It's a lovely spicy mix of apple cider, stout beer, and spices. I have used it in fall and winter rituals, but it would be just as at home at a party.

I get paid per click at AC, so please feel free to check out the link and pass it on to those who might be interested!

ETA: I thought it was good manners to disclose that I published the recipe for pay.  If it's Ok with the mods, I'll just take the whole post down.


In March I was the Maid of Honour in my best friends wedding, but because they got married out west not a lot of people were able to come. Now they are coming home this weekend and her Mother in Law has arranged a backyard BBQ style celebration in honour of their wedding (about 35-40 people). I was put in charge of the cake and drinks. The beer and wine are already taken care of, but I need to bring at least one non-alcoholic punch type drink, and one alcoholic drink. It's HOT and muggy out and we will be outside, so refreshing is better. Also, the fewer the ingredients the better - everything I am finding on allrecipies has a spoonfull of this, and an ounce of that...I don't have a full bar and would rather not have to buy a tonne of stuff!