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Okay friends....

A neighbor moved out a year or so ago and gave us this juicer (CusineArt JE-4). After watching the movie "Food Matters" I've been inspired to use it for the first time and make my family some yummy veggie juices but......

I can't seem to make this damn thing work right!! I also can't find a manual for it online.

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WHAT AM  I DOING WRONG PEOPLE?!? I am thirsty now and want some juice!!
Also, for those of you who are as lost as I am on this, but know about good juicing combinations, please share your recipes with me here too. Thanks!
EDIT: Okay... I took out the rubber ring and it seems to work just fine now, although it is frighteningly fast. Weird. 
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Recipes that use a lot of cottage cheese?

Hey hipsters,

I have a huge container of 2% cottage cheese that expired a few days ago. I'm sure that cottage cheese is one of those things that's still safe to eat a week or so after it's expired, am I right?

Anyway, I'm looking for a recipe (preferably a dinner recipe that makes for good leftovers) to help me use up the majority of this cottage cheese. Ideas?

EDIT: Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I would have made lasagna with it if I had any lasagna noodles. :) Shortly after I posted this, I found this recipe which is what I ended up making, in case anyone is interested: http://www.wholeliving.com/recipe/quinoa-spinach-bake

Calling all pickled-egg experts

Today I made pickled eggs for the first time. The jar is now in my fridge and I can hardly wait to try the eggs in a week or so. At that point, if they are good and I decide to make them again, I'm going to need to know this:

Can I re-use the pickling brine I made for this batch, or do I need to make a fresh batch every time? If I can re-use it, do I just simply put the new eggs into the jar as-is and put it back in the fridge, or should I strain out the spices (peppercorns etc.) that will still be in the brine, and maybe boil it again with fresh spices before adding more eggs? And is it actually necessary to keep the jar in the fridge, or would the vinegar in the brine allow the eggs to keep at room-temperature?

Any input would be welcome! Also, if anyone has a tried-and-true recipe for pickled eggs, I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance!
Bacon is a vegetable

Substitute for "cream of something" soup?

Checked the food tag and the recipes tag and didn't find what I was was looking for, but fully admit I may have missed it. If so, just link me.

I'm looking for a substitute for "cream of something" soup (cream of mushroom, etc.) to use in recipes. I'd like to cut the fat and unpronounceables in my diet as much as I can, but I'm a Midwestern gal who loves her casseroles and crockpot dishes that are largely cream-soup-based. Does anyone have a basic recipe that will serve as a binder in these recipes? Bonus if its dairy-free, but even if you have a dairy recipe, I can fiddle with it to make it vegan. (I'm not vegan, but my GF is trying to limit dairy for health reasons.)

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Green Peas Curry?

Alright, Hip Domesticas and Domesticos.

I'm trying to recreate the curry from a buffet I went to with my father, because the restaurant is expensive, out of the way, and I basically only ate the curry while I was there anyway. It's so good. The only thing is, when I looked in my grocery store, the "Ethnic Foods" aisle is woefully understocked, and the only Indian food I saw in the frozen foods section did have a green peas curry, but with artificial cheese product chunks in it. Even if that wasn't gross on its own, I'm also lactose intolerant, so it was a no go.

I Googled recipes, but most of the ones I found were vague about cooking time and ingredient amounts at best, and several of them would do stuff like mention an ingredient in the instructions that wasn't in the ingredient list to begin with.

So, I'm asking: does anybody have a go-to green peas masala recipe they can bear to share with me? This could also be a stupid question, but would the whole thing work if I made a basic curry recipe and just added peas while I was cooking it? I've never made a curry before, so I don't know.

Thanks in advance!

Main Course Dilemma

I'm not a vegetarian by ANY means, but when I grocery shop for a whole month, I can usually only afford to buy what you typically think of as a main course (chicken, beef, fish) in enough quantities for 7 or 8 dinners out of that month.

I'm interested in recipes that can rightly be called a main course that don't involve a hunk of meat or fish, keeping in mind that my avoidance is largely based on financial restrictions.

Any good, filling salads? Homemade soups? Something with tortillas? Maybe even a few recipes that use very low -quantities- of a protein. Specific recipes appreciated!

I know this must sound ridiculous, but I'm really just curious IF there are options, rather than expecting miracles from my fellow domestics.

Thanks in advance!

sea vegetables?

anyone have any tried and true sea vegetable dishes to share?

I've recently discovered the wonders of dulse on my salad and straight out of the bag (YUM!) and have put kombu in bean crockpot dishes and it's been a real hit, I'd love to try some more


Need recipe ideas!

This is my first post, so hi!

I just moved to a new city, with my boyfriend (he got a job and I am now staying home and doing some writing and editing). We don't know a lot of people yet, but there is a girl we know from a message board who lives here. We've invited her to dinner on Wednesday.

Problem: She is vegetarian, and we aren't.

Now, I mean, her brand of vegetarianism is that she eats fish, seafood, eggs, and dairy, so she's just not eating red meat or poultry or pork. But here's the fun part: we don't eat fish or seafood, and we're both carnivores. We have a salad with every meal, but we rarely have a meatless meal.

So... anyone able to help me out? It looks like the only proteins can come from eggs and dairy (and legumes, of course). It needs to be filling (my BF has to eat a LOT - feeding him is like feeding my entire six-person family sometimes, and he's SKINNY).

I have a Crock Pot and an oven and a stove and a microwave. I also have a bread maker, but it only makes little loaves (none of that 2-pound stuff - found out the hard way it doesn't mix at all). I have a blender, but no food processor. And tons of pots and baking pans and stuff like that.

What's your favourite vegetarian dish? I'd rather not use the meatless meat - trying to stay away from overly processed foods.


Update: Thanks, everyone! Tons of great ideas here! I will file them all away for future use, since we may be having this girl over more often if Wednesday goes well. You never know. This time around, I think I'll do chili, since I was planning to make chili con carne on Friday - I'll just switch around my plans and do the pork chops on Friday instead. :)