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wedding attire questions

i'm always confused with what to wear to a daytime wedding (2pm) followed by an evening reception (6pm). is it ok to wear the same dress to both?
was online shopping and found this:

comments? the wedding is in DC area, on oct 8th.

also, i'll be by myself, since my husband is a groomsman in the wedding, AND i'm bringing our baby who will be 3 months by then, whom i am nursing as well. i can't remember how drooly babies are at that age, so i'm thinking i should probably find something that's not gonna show drool/spit up stains... this will be my first time taking a baby out to a formal event. any tips?
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hi everyone, i am about to get married and in the process of registering. i was just wondering, to those who have cooked all their lives with nonstick and moved on to stainless steel-- how was the transition? do you regret it? i would say that i cook almost twice a day and consider myself a cooking enthusiast. the only thing is that we consider ourselves lazy mothers when it comes to doing the dishes (no dishwasher). how do you feel about hard anodized cookware?

also, should i ask for an immersion blender(cuisinart smartstick) and a food processor (7 cup kitchenaid)? are these necessary items? there are things that i make that could use those things, but make do with my blender. are there things that you make that has no substitute for these items? *oh, i don't really like to bake nor dabble with it all that much

i just want to make sure i don't waste anyone's money getting us something that we might not end up using, you know?

thank you. =)

p.s. just for kicks, what is the kitchenware that you can't live without?

eta: thanks everyone for taking your time to respond. =) i think i will go for the immersion blender and food processor (we'll see if we get either one). i'll also go ahead and ask for the stainless steel pans (just asking for 2.5 qt saucepan, chef's pan, and 12 inch skillet) and a set of nonstick omelette pans. i wish we could ask for a le creuset dutch oven but i feel guilty asking for anything over $100 because we're having such an intimate, diy wedding. i guess i'll end up saving for it myself one day (homegoods has some for cheaper). i agree about the knives, i love the ones i got last christmas (victorinox, and they're very affordable).

Wedding Attendant Gifts: I need ideas!

So, I think for my gifts to my girls in the wedding party, I’m going to get tote bags and have my mom embroider their names or monograms or something on them.

Bags like these: http://www.amazon.com/NEW-Port-Company-Bi-Color-Pink-OSFA/dp/B000XMTL96/ref=sr_1_29?ie=UTF8&s=apparel&qid=1257864886&sr=1-29

Anyway, I need ideas on what all to fill them up with.  I was thinking little things like a notepad and pen, fuzzy socks/slippers or flip-flops (or both), some chapstick, a little sewing kit, some of those little one size fits all gloves (at least for my cousin Amy, because I know she’ll be cold!), and stuff like that.  Does anyone else have any other ideas for little things?


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ETA:  Just to clarify, this is NOT going to be the only gift I’m giving them.  It will probably be given to them a couple of months in advance, and I plan on getting them jewelry or a pendent or something.  Some people have been saying that I shouldn’t get them something that is just to help me, so I wanted to make sure you all know it isn’t like that.  :-)


Wedding Shower Game Ideas

Hey there fellow Hip Domestics!

One of my favorite things about being "domestic" is hosting parties.  My mother is throwing a family friend a wedding shower next weekend and I'm in charge of games and prizes.  The bride-to-be is 23 and it's a ladies-only lingerie shower.  I'm trying to find interesting games that aren't too risque and not too "frumpy": this is her second shower so far, so I have to be creative.

Ideas I have so far:
  • I'm going to print up a mad-libs style fill-in-the-blank for guests to do as other guests arrive.
  • "The Clothespin game" , but with bracelets, where guests who cross their legs are in danger of losing their bracelets to people who notice
  • Memory - a display of kinky wedding night stuff (a pair of fuzzy hand-cuffs, a bottle of lube, a dog-eared copy of the kama sutra) will be shown for a few moments, and then hidden away.  Guests have to try to list everything that was shown.  The winner gets the stuff.
  • Draw a picture of the groom in his skivvies, blindfolded.
  • I think I'm also going to try to record things the bride-to-be says as she opens presents, and then list the most embarrassing things afterward as things she might say on her wedding night.  I have a mini-tape recorder that I'll probably use.
Ideas I like but am hesitant to use:
  • "Hot Banana" - using a real or plastic banana/plantain, passed between each other's knees.
  • I saw a suggestion on-line for "Kiss the Bride's Ass" in the vein of pin the tail on the donkey: you are trying to kiss the donkey's butt, and you paste a picture of the groom's face on the donkey's face.   I'm not sure about this one, because I don't want to be mean.
Please help me out with other cool suggestions for games, activities, and ice-breakers.  I'll also take suggestions for prizes (though, I think I'm just going to raid the clearance section at Marshall's and Ross tomorrow.)

Not invited to weddings?

So, umm, it would seem that there are three weddings that friends are having that I don't seem to be invited to. One of which I had talked about making her reception dress as a gift, and two are friends from my "posse" (living close, known for years, etc)

Now, they can totally invite, or not invite anyone as they see fit. And if for whatever reason I'm not on the list I accept that reality gracefully, and send along a little gift. But I wonder if there is any way to gracefully ask if it was an oversight? or if an invite got lost? or should I just assume that I am not invited for whatever personal reason, and leave it at that?

Comment Sum Up: lots of thought goes into invites - lots of politicking, and its tacky to directly ask, an indirect query could be arranged, but its better to be classy and let it slide, because you may be further down the invite list (not invited, yet), or, just because you are friends, and you value their friendship, doesn't mean that when added to the pool of "family" that you may not be able to hold a candle to aunt mable and her 4 kids. (Thanks Everyone!)

resetting a diamond

Does anyone have any idea on how much it costs to get a diamond reset? I googled it, and I didn't get an answer or even an idea or range. Maybe I googled it incorrectly ("resetting an heirloom diamond"). I'm guessing the main cost is what the diamond is reset into, like a gold or platinum band. Possibly a titanium or any other alternative?
Basically, my boyfriend's late grandfather was a jeweler. He left a pinky ring to him, and the diamond from the ring, we're hoping, will become part of my engagement ring.
We just wanted some kind of an idea of the cost. I am not a big-time jewelry person so I really don't want anything flashy or over-the-top. I would love to hear other people's experiences and any advice!
Thank you!
Le Petit Prince

Snack foods with wedding cake?

Here's the rundown.
Late tomorrow afternoon my parents are meeting fiancees parents at our apartment over wedding cake tasting.
His mom is Dana Carveys Church Lady.
My dad is Chris Farleys Motivational Speaker.
His dad is awkard.
My mom is a seamstress and  hippy.
Now that you've all YouTubed my popculture references you understand my week of Flight of the Bumble Bee cleaning and current freaking out.
So far I have enough small plates for all six of us.  Tumbler sized glasses for chilling.  Chilled water and milk.  Four different wedding cake samples.  One very, very clean apartment.
You'll notice that I did not mention a kitchen table.  We don't have one.  We have a coffee table and couches...  At his parents we ALWAYS sit at the kitchen table and stare at each other without talking because we have nothing in common.  At my parents we're all over the house, people are coming and going...  It's too late in the game to try to coordinate a "formal" dining area and we will be sitting on the couches, informal, friendly, intimate, basically what I've always known and fiancee really enjoys.
I'm going to stop rambling and get to the point.
Do I need snacks?  Should there be other food stuffs to be consumed with the cake?  Some of it is pretty rich so I feel like maybe we need some starchy or carbohydrate oriented edible.

I got a quarter lb of three kinds of meat, rolled them and cut them in half.  I put them on a plate where I layed out three kinds of sliced cheese.  My dad watched his mouth, my mom didn't say anything too liberal.  It went pretty well overall.  I tried not to make too many wild gestures with my hands, it's a childhood habit I've worked hard to downplay. 

black to a wedding?

I know protocol changes all the time with things like this, but I am going to a wedding this weekend and trying to figure out what to wear.

The wedding is at 6 p.m. and it's cocktail attire. Would it be appropriate to wear a black dress or should I wear something else just to be safe?


Homemade jam as a wedding favor

I'm getting married in a year or so, and was thinking of giving homemade jam as wedding favors (I live in Oregon and we have fabulous berries, so I was planning on strawberry, raspberry and maybe marionberry jams). However, when I mentioned this to two coworkers, both said that it wasn't a good idea because people would just take them home and throw them away because of fears over botulism. I was really surprised - I know that if I went to a wedding and got homemade jam as a favor, I'd be happy because it's unique and it'd be special since the bride and groom took the time to make it themselves. When my FMIL sends me homemade raspberry jam, I don't throw it away. Am I weird in this respect? :)

Thoughts? Opinions?
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wedding etiquette

I have a nice dress I wore to my nephew's baptismal. To save myself the trouble of searching for another dress to buy, I thought about wearing this dress to my sister's wedding. Her wedding is very casual, supposedly. I asked her if I can wear the dress, and she said it was fine. But I'm still iffy about it because we have pictures of me wearing the dress at the baptism. Would it be weird wearing it again?